Ona Breeze Fan

The ONA Breeze provides odor neutralization to a room up to 1,500 square feet (15,000 cubic feet) or 166 square meters (500 cubic meters). This period will vary based on the ambient temperature and the humidity levels of the room. The ONA Breeze is designed to be used exclusively with ONA Gel.


For use with Ona Gel 4 litre Bucket.



Weight: 1 kgs (2.2 lbs)

Ship weight: 1.1 kgs (2.4 lbs)

Capacity of container: 4 liters (1 US Gal) - Jug or Pail (bucket)

Output: 45 cubic feet per minute (cfm)

Power consumption: up to 15 watts (standard mains connection)



1 year limited warranty

Limited warranty covers product defects and workmanship. Does not cover physical damage or wear and tear beyond the normal intended use.

Original proof of purchase required

Any required shipping for approved warranty redemption will be at customer's expense.



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